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Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Home to the discipline of petroleum engineering, the upstream sector, also known as the Exploration and Production (E&P) sector, is in the business of exploring for and locating oil & gas reserves throughout the world, determining the technological and economic viability of hydrocarbon reservoirs, and optimally recovering the oil and/or gas to meet the global energy needs. Due to the seemingly insurmountable nature of these tasks, the upstream sector is in need of technical expertise and business acumen. As the older generation of professionals retire from the oil and gas industry, there is a current need for young professionals to fill both technical and managerial roles. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in the oil and gas upstream sector, the time is now to make a move to enter this dynamic and lucrative industry, when the demand for young talent remains sky high. The first step in your journey is to become a member of the society of petroleum engineers (SPE).


Becoming a student member of SPE is free, as Chevron Corporation is sponsoring student members in an effort to encourage students to join. Click here to become a student member of SPE.


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